Chouette means ‘owl’ and ‘cool’ in French ^,,^

By day I’m a senior marketing manager and graphic designer. By night/weekends, I’m a beader, knitter, seamstress and multi-media artist. I love beads, color, fiber, collage, photography, cartooning, you name it…I’m excited to share some of my work, inspiration and passion!
~ Sandy Kane


Holiday 2015 Shows!

Holiday 2015 Shows!

spring 2015

spring 2015

Past Craft Shows:

Faire on the Square (Watertown Square, Watertown, MA)
Bedford First Parish Plant & Craft Fair (Town Common, Bedford, MA)


WATERTOWN OPEN STUDIOS, weekend of November 16-17. The Apartments at Coolidge School, 319 Arlington Street Watertown both Saturday and Sunday!!


What a great day @ Artitude Belmont in Cushing Square in late September! I look forward to next year!



1 Response to Chouette means ‘owl’ and ‘cool’ in French ^,,^

  1. Heidi Smyth says:

    Beth just shared your site with me
    I’m deciding what I want
    I love it all!

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