Beadwork magazine challenge!

I was lucky to be selected last month to work on a Beadwork magazine challenge. I absolutely fell in love with the kit they mailed me, courtesy of Goody Beads!

Goody Beads selected the materials for the challenge

Goody Beads selected the materials for the challenge

I’m more of a seed-bead addict, so the creative challenge, to work with leather and metal was fun – and actually a really good learning experience!

playing with materials on a piece of fome-core

playing with materials on a piece of fome-core

I sketched out several options and thought, hey, maybe it’s time to play with the pieces on a board, like a puzzle? I definitely wanted to incorporate the Swarovski 13mm crystal skull I had purchased a few months ago. After making a seed bead cabochon enclosure for the gorgeous turquoise stone focal , I had the inspiration! It reminded me of a vacation in Tulum, Mexico. The sea was an ever-changing mix of turqoise, green and dark blue – just like the colors in this focal. My honey and I also traipsed through the ancient ruin of Tulum, and in spite of the heat and crowds, were so happy we did. What a site! I would love to go back and explore sometime.

Finished design

Finished design

Once I found (and purchased) a fun and funky vintage silver ‘totem’ bracelet (said to be made in Mexico in the 1930s), the design took shape. I wanted to incorporate the chain included in the kit, as well as the lovely turquoise colored round beads to echo the color of the focal. I attached the chain to the leather strap with small pieces of black waxed linen, adding beads to the ends.

Here’s a better shot of the crystal skull…

focal with crystal skull

focal with crystal skull


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