medallion necklace in progress



Necklace in progress…medallion pattern design by Laura McCabe.

I’ve been beading a lot lately, and working these long, snowy, house-bound weekends on a few projects. I decided to break apart these Laura McCabe medallions into a necklace with 3 components and earrings. I added a 14 mm amythest drop bead. Love the amythest rivoli centers. The whole thing is looking very ‘regal’ methinks!

I’m watching ‘The White Queen’ on Amazon Prime right now, and took a quick snap with my camera phone of a necklace that caught my attention (I pay a lot of attention to costumes and jewelry on shows these days, just helps feed my obsession!)…see below. Am dying to try to recreate the gold and turquoise motif collar. Simply drool-inducing, isn’t it?







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Graphic designer, obsessed beader, crafter of things knitted and sewn, photographer, parent and cat-person. Not necessarily in order of importance on any given day...
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