Mixed Media

Billy the Kid
Photo-based mixed media: paper, toner, glue, paint on canvas. I was inspired by a PBS documentary on the life of the young outlaw. I recon’ Bill did a lot of livin’ in his very short but intense lifetime.

Billy the Kid

Cartoon Forest
I painted this mural in our spare room a few years ago. It’s based on a cell animation background design for the 1950’s Disney movie Paul Bunyan, by the wonderful artist Walt Peregoy. It reminds me of my childhood, and my passion for cartoons + animation.

Snow Trees
This mural was painted around the same time. It went really quickly. I projected an image of black trees on snow against the wall and used watered-down black and white acrylic paint directly on my painted wall.


The Snow Queen
This framed multi-media painting uses the same image of trees and snow, mirror-imaged, with a photocopied Bette Davis transferred onto acrylic gel medium that is then dried and cut to her shape. The frame is from another work I started, with yarn trees coated in paint. Glitter and vintage jewelry and a small ‘bird’ bead add a sparkly, spooky glow.



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