Odd Stuff

DIY ‘Hotwheels’ flames on your old car!

My brother E-boy is amazing. He’s an artist, industrial designer, potter, sculptor, and total garage monkey (his term, not mine!) When I told him I needed rust removed from my 2003 Mazda and wanted ‘Hotwheels Flames’ painted on the back, his eyes lit up!


Here he is removing rust with a rotary sander. Gotta have eye and breathing protection! 


Yeah, there was a lot of rust. Holes even!


He welded a piece of metal onto the chassis. Amazing. With a proper welding mask, of course!


I think he calls this goo ‘Bondo’ and he used it to smooth out the metal piece, sanding after dry for a smooth finish.


I helped him tape the shape to become ‘flames’…we used extra tape and newspaper to mask off everything we did not want painted.


His daughter helped too. It took quite some time, lotta newspaper as you can see!



Eric says “practice with your spray paint first” so tested some on cardboard. Don’t go in too close or it will pool and drip. Keep your hand moving. Do small sections and go back over for more coverage. Easier to add than remove!


Voila!! I like how each side is a little different.


My bro is awesome! 😉


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